hartwig strategic


Hartwig Strategic is a boutique strategic planning firm based in New York City providing strategy consulting to women-owned businesses across the country.  

Our approach is creative, pragmatic, and holistic. We use systems thinking and user-centered design to design strategic solutions for business growth.



Services Offered:

  • Strategic Planning & Business Development

  • Product Design, Development, & Management

  • Project Management

  • Brand Growth Management


"Nicole has a thoughtful approach to the planning process. Not only did we see revenue growth of over 20% in our first year of working together but she helped me prioritize my goals and become a more productive, relaxed and focused business owner.

She really shines when it comes to innovative ideas. From strategic planning to project management, she is truly a Jane of all trades and an indispensable asset for any entrepreneur."

- Alison Lumbatis, Founder + CEO, GYPO LLC


“We started the Women of Inturn Network (WIN) to create a space for women in business to connect and share their experiences, learn from others and build a sense of community. Nicole is not only the founder of her own business, but has also helped support women in business throughout her career - so it was only fitting to have her come and present to our WIN Network. 

Nicole values company culture as well as improving and operationalizing on inefficiencies. Her dedication to this change is obvious, and she has proven to be highly skilled at strategically breaking down organizational challenges to improve cohesion.

It was incredible to hear about her career, and some of the advice she was able to share that has helped her succeed. The entire group loved how relatable yet inspiring her journey was, and the passion and drive she puts behind her business goals regardless of the obstacles she faces. Her work is transformative and we would definitely recommend her to come and present in the future."

- Sarah Witherspoon, Brand Manager, INTURN